Jobs in Malawi 2020; 9 Top Careers in High Demand by Employers You Should Know Now

Jobs in Malawi are scarce in 2020 than ever before. There are more qualified people who remain unemployed. This is a sad reality that everyone who wish the country well would wish it quickly vanishes.

Malawi being one of the poorest countries in the world means more and more people would need a job to earn a decent living.

jobs in Malawi

For instance, IMF reports revels that 50.7 percentage of the population in Malawi leaves below the poverty line. Furthermore, at least 25 percent level in extreme poverty.

Looking from the statistics above it is not strange to find people thinking of going to school so that after graduation they should start a job and get out of poverty.

For some people In Malawi school is without doubt one of the best tools that can propel people from the pangs of poverty.

Rising rates of unemployment among Malawians is a concern for more than half of the population. There are just too few job opportunities against a high demand  by fresh graduates. Every year people graduate from colleges and universities hoping that they will soon find jobs and making their own money.

While the process of finding careers in Malawi is easy for the few who have good connections, for many graduates, finding employment is hard in this country.Very hard!

On average a university graduate spend eighteen months or more months to get a job in Malawi. This is far worse compared to other countries in Africa, where the period they take to find a job is shorter than eighteen months.

In recent years the government has made strides to solve the problem of high unemployment by offering internship opportunities to fresh graduates. However, such efforts are a drop into the ocean. Job scarcity is still a big challenge for many people.

 While authorities are working to solve the problem for the good of the majority, there are some few things would-be employees should know before starting a career.

It is important to know that there are some courses which have increased chances of getting jobs than others. This is the meat of my post today.

I consider choosing the right course from the start is a wise decision to make to overcome future problems in getting a job. I am not suggesting that some courses are good and others bad.

But,I would like to pass on the massage that some courses are on high demand from employers than others. Therefore, it is proper for prospective employees to follow job trends in Malawi before enrolling for a particular university program.

It is sad, on one hand, knowing that there are some people who go to university, they graduate, only to find out later than very few or no employer has interest in their academic skill set. Definitely, no one would like a melancholy experience such as this one.

On the other hand, there are some careers where graduates have the privilege of employers hunting for them even before completing their studies. This is pretty; isn’t it?

Having said that, below is a list of 9 courses which are in high demand from employers in Malawi. Note also that acquiring university qualification from accredited and reputable institutions of higher learning critical during job hunting.

1. Monitoring and Evaluation

There are many NGO jobs in Malawi advertised in newspapers every week. Literary no week goes without seeing job openings for M & E experts.

It is one of the most rewarding careers in the countries now. Now is the time to study it if you want to have an easy job search experience after graduation.

M & E experts work in different fields where project monitoring and evaluation takes place. It is more common in donor funded projects. 

2. IT/ICT/Computer science

The world is becoming more and more connected to computers and Internet. Technology revolution is sparing no department.From banking, farming, medicine, to engineering, every office is requiring more advanced technologies to increase efficiency and productivity.

As a result this increases demand for IT/ICT and computer scientists.It is a new field that is gaining attention globally and there is no sign demand will slow down on the job market any time soon.

By studying any of these a person has more chances of getting a job in Malawi.

  •  Statistics

Statistics is yet another popular filed of study that is on high demand. There are many jobs in Malawi for statisticians. 

If you are good in mathematics think about studying statisticians and you’ll be an assert in research and other fields. 

4. Economics

Economics is the branch of study that deals with the efficient use of resources. Many organizations advertise different positions that need the skills of trained economists.

Being a broad knowledge field economists have unlimited areas where they can be employed to perform different duties.

Economist can work in banks, in different ministries, in consultancies as well as in other fields like statistics.

 5. Medicine

Medical experts are high demand in almost any country. Serving lives is one of the most daunting task that requires expert hands.

Not every Jim and jack can become a neurosurgeon for instance without going through many years of training.

Medical filed is very broad, including clinical medicine, radiography, optometry, medical laboratory, surgery, and mental health.

All these are fields which are in high demand both in public and private sectors.

6. Public Health

Public health is another processional that is currently in high demand in the country. If you have interest in the health of the public then this is one of the courses to study.

The public health course is offered at college of medicine. The number of people graduating per year is relatively lower than the demand for the services.

Go for this course and you’ll have great chances of finding high chances to find NGO jobs in Malawi. If I wish I would study a new course in the university this would be among my priority list. 

7. Law

In every society there will always be discouragements among people. Some legal disagreements are resolved out of courts, but others end up in courts of law.

Almost each big company has a legal section to advise it on how to work within the law.

Studying law unlike many other courses has the advantage that there is only one college is accredited to offer law studies in Malawi.

 This is good because it means the number of of law graduates is controlled hence protecting the saturation of labour force on the market.

 Consequently, this gives law practitioner the freedom to charge reasonable amounts and help them easily find jobs in Malawi.

 It is thus easier to find a job as a lawyer than in other general careers.

  •  Human Resources Management (HRM)

HRM is all about managing people. And managing people is at the core of large cooperate companies, government departments, and even in non governmental organizations.

A well managed team is a key to organizational growth hence the need to invest in hiring best HRM managers.

9. Business Administration

There are many vacancies in Malawi that require qualifications in business administration.

People with Masters in Business Administration from reputable institutions have less problems in finding jobs in Malawi. The course is offered at the Malawi Polytechnic. 

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