Jobs in Malawi 2020

Jobsmalawian.com is a Malawian website that publishes latest job vacancies in Malawi. At JobsMalawian we understand the struggle job seekers and employers go though in the process of finding a job or the right candidate for the job respectively.

Jobs in Malawi are limited while the labour supply is increasing every year. Each year there are hundreds of Malawians who graduate from colleges and Universities.

However, the number of new job vacancies in Malawi government or NGO jobs that are created is very small. As a result there is competition for every post which has been advertised.

What kind of jobs are published on Jobsmalawian website?

 Various kind of jobs are published. Below are some of job the descriptions to find on this site.

  • Jobs in Malawi Blantyre
  • Jobs in Malawi for foreigners
  • NGO jobs in Malawi
  • UN jobs in Malawi
  • Survey vacancies in Malawi
  • Vacancies in Malawi Government
  • UNICEF Vacancies Malawi
  • Environmental jobs in Malawi
  • Research jobs in Malawi
  • Care International Malawi Vacancies
  • Reserve bank of Malawi vacancies
  • Teaching jobs in Malawi
  • Data entry jobs in Malawi

…… plus many more

Why jobsmalawian?

Traditionally many jobs in Malawi are published through the daily newspapers. Usually vacancies in Malawi government, Jobs from NGOs in Malawi and from other employers are advertised through radio and very rarely on television.

Furthermore, some employers also advertise  jobs in Malawi through official websites.

Now the challenge is that some people who are looking for jobs cannot afford to check all daily papers due to many other shortcomings. The same applies to all other channels of job advertisement in Malawi.

It for this reason that jobs Malawian exist to help people looking for jobs in Malawi by bringing all sorts of job vacancies in Malawi together at one place.

Our hope is that by aggregating various job positions available in the country we will help the readers save time and access the vacancies in good time.

And then they will be able to apply for the available jobs to which they qualify before reaching the deadlines. The feeling of realizing a job opportunity way after the openings have close, is a bitter one isn’t it? With jobsmalawian.com that problem is solved.

At Jobmalawian we also believe that there is need to always keep our reader informed on trends on employment and careers issues. To achieve this there is a blog section where we keep updated news and informative content for members of this site.

Blog content covers wide range of topics including issues of how to craft winning Curriculum vitae (CVs), cover letters, making online job applications, soft skills that boost success of CV, and tips on increasing once chances of getting a job.

Employers Benefit

Another good news is that employers can post vacancies in Malawi for free on this website. This can be done by sending the vacancies in word (text) format through the email at the bottom of this page or through the contact page .

Upon receiving the vacancy the editor will upload it on the website as soon as possible. Usually within 24 hours.

There is also a direct way of submitting the vacancies on the site by clicking on the Job Post on the menu bar.

The by completing details on the job post form the post will be uploaded directly by the employer while the job of the web editor will simply be to approve it.

Therefore, the benefits to employers is that they will quickly and efficiently find the right candidates for vacant position for free or at a fraction of their advertising budget.

Integrity Of Malawi Careers Posted On Jobsmalawian.com

Our core values include integrity, trustworthy, and being create. The team at JobsMalawian is dedicated and committed to build long term relationship with employers and all members.

To this effect we put great emphasis on being trustworthy source of jobs in Malawi. We don’t create jobs, buy our policy is to publish vacancies from credible sources only.

Job vacancies posted on this platform are aggregated from various sources such as newspapers, official websites of employers, direct from recruiters, and notice  boards. We always attempt ensure that the information shared should be as accurate as possible.