Operations Supervisor

  • Full time
  • 1 month ago
  • Salary MWK 000 / Monthly

Job Description

The roles and responsibilities of this position are as detailed below


  • To ensure we consistently exceed the expectations of our operational delivery benchmarks and keep all our promises to our clients
  • Ensure we achieve vision
    • One of the core objectives of our vision is to have the most innovative media in the most sought after locations with the finest maintenance and illumination.
    • Our media are to be shining stars, landmark across the cityscapes.
    • Ensure that our media becomes SSM (Self selling media such that we create massive demand and need for our media.)


  • Installation new media structures
  • Council /landlord liaison
  • Minimize turnaround time for flighting and ensure we utilize the available resources to maximize service delivery.
  • Ensure our media assets represent the brand and face of the company, by being appropriately maintained.
  • Ensure all media assets are maintained to the group’s quality standards
  • Provide complete and accurate operational reporting to head office as required.
  • Plan all work in advance so as to ensure the smooth delivery of all projects.
  • Work proactively, anticipating all problems well before they actually happen.
  • Plan an appropriate flighting schedule and resources required to perform on time flighting
  • Plan an appropriate maintenance schedule and resources required to perform on time maintenance, this strict maintenance guideline must be followed so as to ensure preventative maintenance is done rather than reactive maintenance.
  • Raise LPO’s through the correct approval channels and ensure that these are delivered on time, at the correct price and the right quality
  • Ensure all client campaigns are flighted consistently on time, giving utmost client service delivery that is to clear the variance as quickly as possible so as to generate revenue immediately.



  • Develop, manage and monitor daily outsourced activities to ensure we achieve maximum service delivery with minimal cost and absolute quality control.


  • Follow the company’s outsource policies and ensure that the outsourced partners are appropriately managed in line with company guidelines.
  • Monitor daily achievement against targets for outsourced work and ensure consistent quality is provided through physical checking.
  • Maintain appropriate media checks (physical) of outsourced work and communicate through traffic department to client.
  • File, collate and organize all photographs of media such that the outsource partners are paid in accordance with these photographs and that these photos are passed onto the sales and marketing departments for final distribution to the client.


  1. Diploma in related field. Welding, Fabrication or Construction


  1. Minimum 3 years Technical experience in a supervisory role
  2. Valid driver’s License with minimum 3 years driving experience
  3. Minimum 3 years using Computers and software MS Outlook, MS Excel and Word

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