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    Job Description

    Role: Field Officer

    Location: Field offices Mangochi District, currently working remotely.

    Closing Date:7th September, 2020

    Background: GiveDirectly is driving a re-evaluation of the assumptions underlying international philanthropy with a provocative model: we deliver donations directly to the extreme poor and let them decide what to do with them.

    Overview: The Field Officer will play a critical day-to-day role in delivering GiveDirectly’s gold-standard cash transfer product to donors and recipients. The Field Officer will carry out and support a variety of field activities, depending on his / her team assignment and GiveDirectly’s needs on any given day. In short, the Field Officer will be responsible for executing the recipient surveys and associated processes that facilitate GiveDirectly’s unique cash transfer model, from enrollment of recipients to sending actual transfers. The role will reward high-quality judgment on operational questions and challenges, work ethic, communication skills, and a strong commitment to GiveDirectly’s mission and model.


    Key Duties and Responsibilities:

    • The Field Officer will meet with the community leaders and guides to understand community boundaries
    • In charge of coordinating with team members, visit with every household in the town or community
    • Complete census surveys with accurate data
    • Explain GiveDirectly’s program to eligible households
    • Provide cell phones and SIM cards as necessary
    • The Field Officer will identify and eliminate ineligible households
    • Explain safety and readiness information to recipients
    • Ensure someone in the household is ready to operate the phone to access transfers

    Required qualifications:

    • The ideal candidate for the GiveDirectly Field Officer job opportunity must hold a Diploma or a Degree in a relevant field is an added advantage.
    • One to two years’ experience in the field working with vulnerable communities
    • Computer and mobile device data entry knowledge and experience with good typing skills
    • Possess the ability to conduct and support recipient surveys and associated processes
    • Empathy, honesty, and the highest standards of integrity
    • Fluency in English and Chichewa
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Physical fitness and ability to cope with difficult weather conditions or terrain
    • Patience and good judgment in resolving recipient problems

    Benefits and terms

    Full Health insurance for employee and 2 Dependents
    Work Monday through Friday with additional compensation for work on Saturday if needed
    Must be willing to travel to any of GiveDirectly’s field locations as required
    Allowances provided as needed for travel, airtime, or other reasons


    Field Officers will receive an annual salary of  MWK3,327,038.28


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