Community Development Officer/ Social Specialist

  • 9 months ago
  • Lilongwe

    Job Description

    Health, Safety and Environmental Department

    Reporting to: Health, Safety and Environmental Supervisor

                                                             Description of Responsibilities:
    • Support the Project Health, Safety and Environmental Manager on the Implementation of MEECA Policies and Client’s requirements in the Project and on the Certification of the Region/Market;
    • Support the Project Health, Safety and Environmental Manager on the Identification of all risks regarding Social / Environmental for the Project and on the implementation of the mitigation and preventive actions;
    • Implement the Environmental and Social Plan for the Project based on the MEECA’s procedures and Client’s requirements;
    • Support the Project Health, Safety and Environmental Manager on the Identification of all Legislation applicable to the project and ensure that all Procedures/plans are adjusted to the legal requirements;
    • Identify and monitor the Findings (non conformities, improvement opportunities and good practices), and support the Project HSE Manager to execute the internal audits to the project team, subcontractors and suppliers. Implement continuous improvement actions to ensure the improvement of the efficiency of the Project with the aim to achieve the Project Objectives and Targets;
    • Collect all the information regarding the Environmental/Social Performance Indicators;
    • Centralize and update the information required on the MEECA digital platforms according to the Documentation and Correspondence Control Procedure;
    • Execute and record Training and toolbox, regarding Environmental and social for the Project teams and subcontractors, based on the Project requirements and needs;
    • Support the Project Safety and Environmental Manager during the internal meetings to discuss and monitor the implementation of the Environmental and Social Plan; Ensure that all meetings in the project are recorded;
    • Do the Induction of the new employees and subcontractors regarding Environmental and Social;
    • Ensure the supply and monitoring of the necessary equipment;
    • Ensure that all parties prepare the Data Pack for the Client;
    • Support the proper internal project audits, inspections and monitoring of the preventive/protective measures regarding environment and whenever necessary provide a stop-point in the operation to ensure that corrective actions take place;
    • Support the investigation of environmental incidents, accident and/or emergency, and report as defined in MEECA’s procedures;
    • Any other jobs related with Environmental/Social issues needed for the Project;
    • Be the primary responsible person for communicating with communities;
    Knowledge and Skills
    • Total Work Experience (years) – 10
    • Experience in Similar Works – 5 years with one project in road construction
    • Communication effectiveness;
    • Leadership;
    • Planning and organization;
    • Knowledge of MS Office.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies or related discipline
    • Recognized training in Environmental studies;
    • Fluency in English (spoken and written).
    ·To be defined.


    Nasra House – 1st Floor – City Centre

    P.O. Box 31379 – Lilongwe 3


    Tel.: + 265 1773 738

    E-mail: [email protected]


    Ø  Opening Date – 08/06/2020

    Ø  Closing Date – 15/06/2020


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