Business Manager

  • Full time
  • 12 months ago
  • Lilongwe

    Job Description

    Bishop Mackenzie International School, the only IB World School in Malawi, is looking for a strong-willed and exceptionally well-networked Business Manager, who not only is intuitive but also has proven experience managing and coordinating finance activities. The successful candidate will have overall responsibility for coordinating the school business administration, legal compliance and School services. She/he will manage a team of finance, accounting and procurement and ensure quality, timeliness and efficiency of all financial and administrative processes.


    • Provide oversight of all financial, and logistical management functions for the school, ensuring compliance with applicable Malawian laws and regulations pertaining to payroll taxes.
    • Collaborate closely with the School Director to plan for expenses and to track expenditures against annual work plans and project budgets, ensuring resources are effectively and efficiently budgeted and managed to achieve activity deliverables.
    • Oversee all financial processes, including: budgeting, financial transactions, financial reporting, and inventory management.
    • Lead the development of financial management systems and processes and guarantee that these processes comply with the Schools policies and regulations and local laws.
    • Work with the Director to ensure transparent and efficient functioning of financial processes and systems and maintain adequate internal control.
    • Assist the School Director prepare annual budgets for board review and approval using sound techniques for budget development and management, including engaging in thorough advance planning.
    • Provide insightful information and expectations to the Director to aid in long-term and short-term financing for school development.
    • Oversee the maintenance of the database of student school fees and capital reserve owed and receipts thereof, in close coordination with the Heads of school and the accountant.
    • Supervise the preparation of monthly financial accounts with budget comparisons and comments as needed for planning purposes as well as for presentation at Board and general meetings.
    • Supervise the preparation of Yearly Final Accounts (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account) and ensure that auditors are provided with all information they require for certification of the final accounts.
    • Monitor all bank accounts and insure that funds are available to meet expense needs.
    • Supervise and modify standard procurement procedures to ensure timely and cost effective purchase of school materials.
    • Supervise and modify standard operating procedures for school stock control to ensure proper accountability.
    • Liaise with other key technical personnel and local staff to ensure smooth financial processes are upheld.
    • Effectively manage and supervise finance personnel, ensuring effective and efficient financial processes at all times.
    • Ensure the school’s compliance with applicable Malawian laws and regulations pertaining to payroll taxes and labor laws.


    • ACCA or equivalent Advanced degree in accounting, finance, or a related field; 5+ years of experience in a finance role.
    • Superior mathematical skills, leadership skills and experience, employee management, understanding of data privacy standards.
    • Solid communication skills, both written and verbal,
    • Public speaking skills,
    • Deep understanding of business principles and practices,
    • Superior attention to detail,
    • Organisational skills,
    • Planning skills;
    • Research skills;
    • Analytical skills;
    • Critical thinking skills;
    • Problem-solving skills;
    • Computer skills;
    • Multi-tasking abilities;
    • Integrity,
    • Honesty.

    How to apply

    Interested candidates should send their applications, including a detailed CV and names of two traceable referees, to the following e-mail address:

    Email: [email protected] 

    Deadline : 10th June, 2020


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