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    Job Description

    The position exists to facilitate growing tobacco in accordance with the Minimum Agronomic Standards (MAS) and Minimum Forestry Standards (MFS), while working with JTI sponsored Farmer Facilitated Scheme Burley tobacco growers. It also provides high quality extension and technical services in order to maximize production and delivery of quality target tobacco crop.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Identify, register, contract establish and manage the JTI contracted grower base.
    • Implement pre-defined programs as per the Annual Strategy Plan to monitor and control all aspects associated with the growing operations of tobacco.
    • Visit every assigned JTI contracted grower a minimum of once every Visitation Plan cycle to provide extension service and monitor the crop throughout the crop cycle.
    • Ensure that all tobacco growers produce and sell to JTI within the expectations of the Agriculture Labor Practices (ALP) code.
    • Participate in accurate and timely data collection as required using various systems Oversee input requesting, 100% reconciliation, and distribution to growers.
    • Facilitate and oversee the movement of baled tobacco from the farm gate to the sales floor ensuring 100% accountability and ownership
    • Implement the key strategic initiative of Live Barn and Bamboo programs within the functional area ensuring delivery of agreed targeted numbers and its implementation.
    • Ensure a safety culture is developed within the assigned area of responsibility by participating in safety initiatives, enforcing the correct usage of equipment and conducting safety dialogues.

    Qualifications and Experience

    • University degree or diploma in Agriculture or equivalent professional qualifications.
    • Minimum of 3 years tobacco or agriculture management experience.
    • Able to ride a motorbike with a valid driver’s license.
    • Fluent in English and working knowledge of any local language.
    • Able to use MS Office tools and programs.

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