Job vacancies in Malawi; 6 Smart Ways of Searching Jobs in Malawi

Job vacancies in Malawi are what most graduates would love to be reading in the media soon after graduation. Why not? By far finding a job after graduation is one of the main reason that many people went to study.

However, you and I know the reality on the ground in Malawi is opposite to our expectations. There are very few Malawi careers that one can join soon after graduation. Out here it is tougher than what goes around in the mind of an undergrad while they are on campus.

One notable thing is that in recent years the Malawian population has increased drastically. With over 17 million people, half of them are youths below the age of forty years. Such an increase in population has resulted into an increased demand for jobs in Malawi.

Enough Job Vacancies in Malawi?

Unfortunately, there are few job vacancies in Malawi available at each time of the year as compared to the demand. As pointed one factor that contributes to scarcity of jobs in Malawi high rate of population growth. The other factor that contributes to high unemployment rate is that major employers have decreased the rate of creating new job opportunities due to financial problems.

For instance, vacancies in Malawi government, which is the major employer has been low in terms of volume and frequency.  The government is the main employer for health jobs, teaching vacancies, agricultural jobs and many other fields. But due to financial constraints, we’ve seen many qualified personnel staying for more than two years without being employed by the government.

Employment challenges have also affected private institutions and non environmental organizations. Several companies have downside their workforce due to slow bushiness.

The coming of corona virus pandemic is making the situation even worse. Many people have lost jobs during the Convid 19 disaster period. This is like adding more salt onto the open wound.Things are not getting any better.

Regardless of the gloomy atmosphere on the job market there is always hope for each one  searching for jobs in Malawi. But hoping for better outcome alone is not enough. A determined job seeker has to do more to increase chances of him/her getting a job.

This is the purpose of this post, to show the six smart ways for searching jobs in the country. Lets look at the ways of searching jobs in detail.

Traditional Newspaper and Radio

Searching job vacancies in Malawi newspapers is very common. Speaking without doubt, the newspapers provide update information on latest vacancies in Malawi.

The good thing that you should consider reading newspaper to check job opportunities is because the vacancies in the news are posted on the right time giving the application ample time to apply for the jobs.

Another cool thing is that most of the vacancies from Newspapers are from verified employers. On the other hand, newspaper vacancies have the reputation of increasing competition since more people see the vacancies.

Networking is the bridge to getting a job in Malawi

The second way to search for job opportunities in a smart way is by leveraging social networks. As the old saying goes your network is your net worth. It is indeed that your network is your bridge to the jobland.

When searching for a job make sure to tell people in your network who you think they can help. These people may include your family (relatives) or friends.

Inform people in your network that you are looking for a job. Describe to them , the type of job you want, also let them know your academic qualifications and experience.

Ask them if you can forward them your curriculum vitae.

And if you have people who are already working within your field, discuss with them so that they should be sharing with you first hand information about available job opportunities at their organization.

Befriend online job websites and employers websites

Thirdly, a person can search for jobs in Malawi through job websites that target Malawians. Plan to check job vacancies on job portal platforms like jobsmalawian.

Job websites post vacancies from different employers on regular basis.

Furthermore, you should be able to check job vacancies on official website of prospective employers. If you have in mind what company you would like to work for, check their website for open vacancies regularly.

It is smart to search jobs online through phones or computers. Moreover, searching job vacancies online in Malawi  is cheaper than buying newspaper.

Apply before they advertise

Fourthly,  you can search for jobs in Malawi by making applications to potential employers before they release the vacancy. There are some companies who accepts application for jobs before they advertise the job.

When they have a new opening they check the bulk of the CVs which they have ready on hand. Some banks, for example, they do not always advertise certain junior positions, but use the CVs which they receive before making  any job adverts.

Work as a volunteer/Fellow to gain experience

Fifth on the list, is volunteering or internship for gaining work experience.

Some employers will not give you a job despite the quality of the academic qualifications that you may have if you do not have work experience.

To a fresh graduate one way to gain work experience before finding a paid job is through , volunteering, internships and fellowships.

It is very important to offer some professional services through volunteering activities with reputable institutions. The experience gained during such services of good will is so valuable.

Volunteering opportunities can either be paid for or they can be non – paid. However, the experience and connections that a person can establish during the process would be worth more the financial benefit.

Use the time you are searching for your dream job to acquire as much work related skills as possible.

Submit your CV to employment agencies

Lastly, consider submitting your CV to employment agencies. Employment agencies have their clients (employers) who hunt for best CVs for particular job openings.

In order to become a candidate for an employer agency you pay a subscription fee to the agency. When an employer wants a candidate with the qualities you have, it is the agency which send the CV to the employer. If the employer is satisfied. then, they invite you to the interview.

Summary on 6 Smarts Ways to Find Job Vacancies in Malawi

In trying to increase your chance to find a job it requires a lot of effort and dedication. The process can sometimes tiresome and demotivating. A strong belief in your abilities and an open attitude is critical in searching for jobs in Malawi.

If searching for entry level jobs, sometimes it even help to start with a job that is of lower grade than your academic qualification. The important thing is gaining practical knowledge and on job experience which would add value on the curriculum vitae.

Six ways for searching jobs in Malawi discussed above are just some of the many possible ways to use. With creative mind and also by learning from those who are already employed in your field you can learn more. The more you learn to understand the job trends the better.

Do you have some insights you would like to share on ways of searching for jobs in Malawi? Help someone by sharing your experience through the comment section below.

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    The information was so helpful because have learnt something like when you want to have good opportunities you must put alot of effort and work plus volunteering yourself to work with a certain organisation to gain experience and have opportunities.

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